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The inexpensive microbrewery/ small brewery with the high quality standard - after proven handicraft and building tradition. We provide ready for occupancy microbrewery plants for you with an annual output from 500 to 5000 hl - when desired also with a higher annual output. The offer in the overview: Consultation Planning Calculation of production costs Licensing procedure Training Recipes Raw material procurement Accessories Service
20hl - Mash House
Typical restaurant brewery/ microbrewery with 1000 hl annual output (5hl - Mash House)
Typical restaurant brewery/ microbrewery with 3000 hl annual output
Microbrewery - Process Flow Chart
Microbrewery Description The microbrewery described here can be installed for the required capacity ranging from 1.000 up to 5.000 hl beer/ year.
The end price for the standard equipment includes all material, transport and the installation. The size of delivery depends on your own wishes and on the separate units and the technical and technological requirements for the separate units. The whole construction of the microbrewery is conceived according to the most up-to-date science of brewing. The microbrewery is userfriendly, does not need much maintenance and as a consequence can be run at reasonable prices. Beer of perfect quality can be produced with this mini- brewery. You have the choice from a variety of beers. The malt needed for brewing is in general to be delivered in sacks and is grinded down to ground malt in a grist mill. The mash house consists of a mash and lauter tun and a mash and wort pan connected to each other and to the whirlpool. The to tubs and the whirlpool are of high grade steel with traditional copper domes. An operating platform gives access to all three tubs. The fermentation and storage tanks of the microbrwery are to be found in the tank room. The tanks are cylindrical in form with a cone at the bottom and are supplied with a cooling jacket. After fermentation and storage the beer is pumped into the dispenser tank from where it can be poured either filtered or unfiltered. You also have the choice of beeing able to fill the beer into barrels or bottles. The yeast needed for the fermentation is kept in special tubs which are cooled. For the energy supply electricity or steam is required. A rapid steam generator produces the steam which is necessary to boil the wort. This process can also be achieved using an electrical heating system. Tap water is used for beer production and for cooling. The warm water, which is gained from the cooling can be used in the next brew or to clean the installation. The cooling machine produces ice water which permanently circulates within the cooling system, to refrigerate the fermentation and storage tanks. In this case the fermentation room does not require its own cooling system.
 Microbrewery - 5hl - Mash House
 Microbrewery - Bottle Filler - CKT
 Microbrewery - Tank Room
 Microbrewery - Refrigeration Plant 
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